Neudorf Moutere Pinot Gris 750ml

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It is generous but not blousy, it is exotic but oddly familiar. Search for hints of orange blossom and a touch of white spice. But if you prefer to cut to the chase then simply open a bottle, order in a duck curry (or anything with tamarind ) or perhaps sticky pork ribs which have been marinated with dried mandarin skin. The vegetarian option would be tofu and Japanese flavours.

It is a regal grape which rewards tender care in the vineyard and it can cellared with confidence.

As with its darker skinned cousin Pinot Noir, to give of its best Pinot Gris needs to be cropped at low rates, and preferably in a cool climate. Only then will it reveal its unique characters – a surprisingly tactile mouthfeel (glycerol like) and some intriguing flavours, ranging through the pear, nashi, quince spectrum, with a balance of phenolics rather than assertive acidity.

At Neudorf we craft two wines to reflect our different growing sites. The clay gravel Moutere Hill soils enhance the textural characters and quince flavours of Neudorf Moutere Pinot Gris, whereas the alluvial Brightwater soils of Neudorf Maggie’s Block lean more to the pear spectrum.