Margrain Pinot Rosé

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The 2016 has exceeded all our expectations and the vivid appearance in the glass dramatically belies what lies beneath. This raven haired beauty knows no bounds and screams youth and precocity while swinging from the chandeliers. The uber ripe garnet hue positively phosphoresces with a vibrancy that imbues it with a life unto itself. The nose is a veritable explosion of bombed fruit and gushes squishy banana passionfruit, fleshy peaches and smashed rock melon that assault the senses and charm the conciousness with an ear piercing call to worship. White chocolate, red tamarillo and warm rhubarb pie rear up then tumble down to become as sharply focused as the collision avoidance system on a late model Japanese car. On the palate, mama mia the wine positively ejaculates with violent strawberries, sweet figgy jam and crisp mille-feuille forming a raft of edgy flavours being tossed tumultuously about on a seersucker sea of unbridled unctuousness. Like a Taser set to stun it takes no prisoners as it pole-vaults to prominence and the trickling 9 volt acidity vies for equality with a sneaky teaspoonful of residual sweetness. The deep, deep cherry essence lingers on the lips then surges over the tongue like a sucked and spat out jelly bean before being lost in the moment like a hole-in-one in the final round on an Olympic stage. Before summers end the wine will have breathed the air, smelled the roses and calmed its nerves to provide a more restful autumn tipple.