Margrain Vineyard Chenin Blanc 2018 750ml

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Don’t be deceived by the somewhat pedestrian straw-gold hue, for while the colour may be reminiscent of the late afternoon sun in mid-winter, the wine itself is far more ebullient as it scrambles out of the glass like a Mexican jumping bean on long powerful legs. The nose is almost brutish in its pungency with aromas of shelf ripened apples, from a time when they were wrapped in brown paper and stored in the cellar for the winter months. Combining with this are the heady fragrance of elderflower and the essential oiliness of a lavender border freshly trimmed on a cool misty morning. Toasty elements of peach kernel sit alongside almond praline and rich butterscotch and honeycomb while hints of nashi pear and vanilla pod add spice to the warm embrace of rolled oats and show now sign of evanescence.