Ata Rangi Rosé 750ml

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Full aromas of sweet summer red fruits meld with a touch of spice from Syrah and the plummy notes of Merlot in this 2016 release. A portion of the blend was held on lees
 in barrel for several months to enhance texture and develop the deliciously creamy, 
supple palate that finishes dry and long. 

Our very first Rosé, aptly known as 'Summer Rosé' was launched in 1998 with a view to producing a crisp, fruit-expressive dry style, largely intended for enjoying over the summer months. Rosé has grown from strength to strength in the intervening years, and is now seriously considered as an appropriate and versatile choice year-round.

This latest offering is an excellent 'go to' food wine, especially with lighter dishes and the increasing focus on vegetarian options. It's also a good choice for spicy food and, of course, shouldn’t be forgotten as an all-season, sheer-enjoyment tipple