Frequently Asked Questions:

What happens if my wine turns up broken?
In the unlikely event that your wine is damaged our insurance will cover the cost of the damage. We would need to be notified of this immediately and ideally we would like to have an image sent of the damaged product, so that we can pass for insurance purposes.

Does my wine have to come from the same winery?
No you can purchase wine from as many different wineries or wine shops as you like to make up your case. Also you can obtain wines from different wine areas of New Zealand too. Please feel free to contact us if you would like help with this.

What if I want to get some more wine sent?
If you wish to get more New Zealand wine sent home, please feel free to contact us and we can help either direct you to the appropriate winery to make your order or we can obtain a quote, if this is for a mixed case

How do I know my wine is on it’s way?
Once we have completed all the paperwork for your shipment and the wine is ready to be sent, we will send you through an ETA with all the necessary information and any tracking information for you.

Can I send wine to my P O Box
Unfortunately the answer is no, as generally couriers will not deliver to P O Box numbers.